Providing Healthcare Leaders with the knowledge and tools to bring out the very best in their teams and themselves, no matter the challenges.

We have been proudly supporting Healthcare through all the changes and challenges for over 30 years. It was a request for a healthcare leadership program that launched our practice as well as our heartfelt commitment to healthcare. Since that moment we have been applying our research and experience to developing leaders and teams who deliver exceptional patient care but who also continue to thrive along the way.

The following are a sample of our leadership development programs and processes. The final delivered version of each is completed in partnership with the healthcare facility ensuring all specific needs are met.

Thriving in Challenging Times

The language varies. Some Health Care facilities talk about needing to be resilient, others about burnout. Some are emphasizing specific needs such as dealing with turnover and absenteeism. But what all have in common is a desire to provide their leaders and teams the tools and desire to thrive, and perform at their very best, whatever the circumstances they face.


Leaders will learn how:

the way they lead can determine their teams’ degree of resilience.
their personal behaviour energizes or depletes the team’s energy.
the climate they spark is essential to team members’ ability to perform at their best
to create a resilience-inducing climate.
a cohesive team creates the energy that powers collective resilience.
to develop the elements critical to a cohesive team.
to support team members in developing increased personal well-being.
to personally strengthen their own well-being.

Exceptional Teams for Exceptional Patient Care

The name team is often applied to groups of people who do not have what is required to perform as a team, even if each individual is making every effort to perform at their best. The group is not able to perform as a cohesive team.  In cohesive teams 2+2 = 5 or more because they are more than a collection of individuals.  Mutual support, a psychologically safe environment, proactive communication, a shared vision and goals and shared learning are embraced in cohesive teams. This workshop provides leaders the knowledge and tools to create exceptional teams that provide exceptional patient care.


Leaders will learn:

to understand the seven elements essential to highly effective teams.
how strengthening these elements:
  • increases the quality of patient care
  • creates a psychologically safe environment
  • renews a sense of mutual support
  • increases team and individual vitality
  • sparks a sense of empowerment even in difficult situations
  • enhances morale
  • re-enforces team members’ sense of value
how each of these elements can be measured.
how to develop each of these elements to strengthen the team.
See the 7 elements

The K&Co Healthcare Team Development Process

The Healthcare Team Fitness Tool has been proven to achieve impressive team development. It can be used as a stand - alone tool that assesses team effectiveness AND provides all materials required to develop any growth opportunities identified. A detailed facilitator’s guide is provided for in house use or, if preferred, the process can be administered and facilitated by the K&Co team.

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All workshops are customized to the Health Care environment.
Book cover: Improving Healthcare Team Performance

Improving Healthcare Team Performance:
The 7 Requirements for Excellence in Patient Care

Improving Healthcare Team Performance is a practical handbook that provides the knowledge, tools, and techniques required to develop a team-based culture within a healthcare environment that will result in exceptional patient care. Importantly, the book emphasizes that effective teamwork goes far beyond team dynamics and provides practical and easy-to-use tools for teams and leaders to ensure each teams are consistently practicing each of  The 7 Elements of a High Performance Healthcare Team.

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Workshops are also available virtually.