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Our leadership workshops will provide your leaders with the tools, expertise, and the desire to implement immediate and ongoing actions that lead to incredible results.


Achieving Better Results Faster

Most leaders push themselves to improve results, often leaving themselves with too little time and too few resources at the end of the day. Is there a better way? That’s the question, as many leaders do not understand how they could approach the situation differently. Based on the book Leadership on the Run, this program shows leaders how to improve results by making small changes every day. Develop leadership practices that lead to BIG results!


Meetings That Lead to Results

Based on the best-selling book On Track: Take your Meetings from Good To Great, this program provides participants with dozens of tools and techniques that ensure every meeting leads to results.

Whether your people are leaders, are asked occasionally to lead a meeting, or are looking to build their skills for future responsibilities, they will gain the know-how they need to become a dynamic and effective meeting leader.


Enable Everyday Coaching Conversations

More and more organizations are embracing the “coaching culture,” but how are your leaders adapting to this shift? Are the phrases, “I don’t have time to coach!” or “I don’t know how to coach!” all too common? While coaching is a responsibility that many shy away from, leaders can learn to create powerful conversations that coach and encourage as well. Improve the performance and engagement of your team and individual members by removing the fear of coaching and teaching them how to coach as a leader.


Embrace Positive Change

Change indeed is the only constant, but that doesn’t make it any easier to manage change or control how it affects us. Our program teaches leaders the know-how and tools needed to ensure their teams are open to and ready for change. When we learn how to embrace and execute change effectively, we are better able to commit to it long term.


Thrive as a New Leader

Transiting into a new role as a leader can be overwhelming if you are unequipped with the right skills and education to succeed. We’ve developed a workshop that provides new and emerging leaders with a road-map to becoming an effective leader. Gain access to tools and strategies designed to avoid the pot-holes that inevitably appear along the way, and rest assured that you are leading effectively.

Virtual Training For Leaders: Leading High Performing Remote Teams: The Little Things that Make the Biggest Difference

In this 2-hour live and interactive virtual session, your leaders will walk away with the strategies, tools and practices that make the biggest difference to remote team performance. With this session, leaders will have everything they need to build collaboration and community, strengthen communication, improve productivity and engagement, support team member well-being, and manage performance.

Lead High Performing Teams That Thrive Through COVID-19 and Beyond

This self-paced e-course is designed for busy leaders who want practical tools and solutions to improve their team’s effectiveness. Whether you are leading a remote team or an in-person team, you’ll gain the strategies and tools needed to build the cohesion, communication, engagement and resilience teams need to thrive during good times and challenging times.

Lead High Performing Healthcare Teams that Thrive

Designed for healthcare leaders, this self-paced e-course provides practical and proven tools and strategies to build the cohesion, communication, trust and resilience healthcare teams need in order to preform at their very best through COVID-19 and beyond.

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