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Leading teams and developing your leadership skills should be simple. With the right tools in place, it can be.

We don’t have clients. We have allies. 

Our team has had the immense privilege of working with incredible organizations over the past 30+ years. Around the globe and across industry lines, we have partnered with fantastic leaders and clients who have embarked on a mission to inspire while eliminating common work/life struggles. When you challenge people to grow and support them, you lead them to success. 

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K&Co. has been helping organizations make big changes for more than 30 years. We work with you to fix what isn’t working and amplify things that are. Our mission is to empower teams around the world to struggle less and thrive more. 


Our 8 fundamental beliefs have led to incredible results.

Life and work aren’t meant to be a struggle. With the right tools and attitude, everyone can achieve greater results with greater ease.

What people focus on grows (both the bad things and the good).

Most people want to be the best they can; some just haven’t figured out how.

The most valuable knowledge is self-knowledge.

Improved results are the only measure of a successful learning process.

Inside each individual, team and organization is an even better one trying to get out.

When people come together with the skills and desire, the whole really can be greater than the sum of its parts.

People improve what is measured.

Leaders empowering leaders.

K&Co - Leslie Bendaly

Leslie Bendaly - Founder and CEO

Leslie is a best-selling author and respected leader in teamwork, leadership development, and organizational change. With over 30 years of experience, Leslie’s models, tools, and books are used worldwide to improve how people lead and work together. Her books have been selected as required reading for MBA and other postgraduate programs in both the U.S. and Canada.

K&Co - Nicole Bendaly

Nicole Bendaly

For over 20 years, Nicole has been researching and training corporate and healthcare teams to weed out apathy and amplify the best in themselves. As a published author, Forbes contributor, dynamic speaker, co-creator of the Team Fitness Tool and president of K&Co., she has established herself as a respected thought leader in team development and organizational behavior.


K&Co - Sheri DeMeester

Sheri DeMeester

Sheri is an accomplished patient safety and healthcare teamwork consultant.  Her dedication to improving teamwork and clinical outcomes originated from her experience as a frontline perinatal nurse. Sheri has held leadership positions in tertiary and community hospitals within Ontario.

When a newly created patient safety program (The MOREOB Program) was being introduced as a pilot, Sheri took the opportunity to utilize her unique skills and passion for quality care and became a driving force behind the highly successful implementation of The MOREOB Program in hospitals across Canada and US.

Sheri has a unique ability to create a positive and psychologically safe environment for learning and growth.  She has supported hundreds of teams in creating a culture of respect, teamwork, learning and the desire for ongoing improvement.

As a certified Resilience-Building Leadership Professional Trainer and Lean Healthcare Professional, Sheri can utilize her skills and knowledge to support senior leaders build resilient teams, facilitate quality improvement projects, and support organizational learning and growth.

Why we do what we do!

Andra Sheffer, Executive Director The Bell Fund

What a great choice it was to work with K&Co. and Nicole Bendaly on our Human Resources challenges!  Not only did she provide invaluable insights and solutions to our unique issues, but she minimized the stress that HR reviews can entail and ensured that both staff and Board members could rely with confidence on her recommendations.  It was wonderful to be able to count on her understanding, efficiency and creativity so that we are now able to move forward with a state-of-the-art HR plan!

Director of Human Resources, Notre-Dame Hospital

K&Co’s team development process is so simple and has every tool to facilitate every element of improving team performance.

Professional Practice Lead, Trillium Health Partners

From the initial planning stages to the follow-up after our workshop, Nicole Bendaly’s expertise, and knowledge were clearly evident.  The considerable time she took to understand our team’s unique needs and situation resulted in our team feeling very valued and “understood” and made the day much more meaningful.  The workshop content and process also reflected a high level of insight into the kind of direction and learning our team would benefit from most.  Throughout the day, she demonstrated excellent facilitation skills, high adaptability and keen awareness of the group dynamics and individual personalities.  Most importantly, following this workshop, our team was able to put into action the team’s goals. This is largely due to Nicole’s detailed summary outlining recommendations for the team’s next steps. I am highly impressed by Nicole’s ability to be in tune with where our team was at, to meet us where we were so that she could lead us to the place where we wanted to be!  
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