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When leaders and teams are asked to do more, achieve more, in less time, with fewer resources and a tighter budget, it often results in people taking a heads-down approach to their work by focusing on implementing their list of long list of to-dos and working harder and longer hours. Obviously this results in higher levels of stress, often less collaboration, and lower levels of engagement,  to name a few.  What is really needed is the opposite approach.  In order to thrive more while achieving more, leaders and teams need to turn off auto-pilot, raise their collective heads and come together to ask:

“What can we do differently to achieve better results?”

In our over 30 years of research and work with teams around the world, the teams and leaders that achieve exceptional results with greater ease, are not focused on working harder or longer, but better.  And in order to work better, to inspire better, we need to regularly ask ourselves, ‘what do we need to do differently?”. If what we are doing isn’t working, isn’t producing the results we need, or isn’t creating a healthy, motivating and productive environment – then it is up to leaders to actively change it.  Change starts with questions that spark dialogue. And this one question – “what can we do differently” is the cornerstone of teams who are committed to achieving more without struggling more.

I encourage you to USE THIS GUIDE and bring your team together to identify how you can thrive more and struggle less by looking for ways to approach your work and one another differently.


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