1 - 99 People

$75 Per Person

100 - 499 People

$67.50 Per Person

500 - 1000 People

$60.00 Per Person

Over 1000 People

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All plans include

  • The Team Fitness Assessment: A highly reliable, 35 question assessment that measures the behaviors and practices of a high performance team.
  • Your Team’s Fitness Profile: A printable report detailing your team’s key strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Performance Tracking: Track and compare your team’s results over time in your online account.  Plus, if you lead multiple teams, you can track and compare results across teams within your account.
  • Team Tools: Team development tools that target the specific needs of your team.  With these team tools you and your team can take immediate action to improve performance – quickly.
  • 3 Month Success Plan: A detailed and easy-to-follow plan for utilizing the Team Fitness Assessment to strengthen your team’s performance in as little as 90 days.
  • Facilitator Guides: Easy to follow discussion guides to share the Team Fitness Results, ensure team members take action, and to ensure momentum is maintained and performance is improved.