A powerful and interactive 3-month web-based leadership development program

that ensures learning turns into action.

The LiA program includes each of the following:

Interactive Webinars

By participating in these customized and interactive webinars your leaders gain new knowledge and tools to strengthen identified areas of need and gain the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from other leaders within your organization to share best practices and experiences.


Each leader receives up to three hours of one on one coaching sessions over the course of the three months.  This gives your leaders additional support and guidance for applying the learning from the workshop and addressing any additional leadership challenges that may be preventing them from tapping the best of themselves and those they lead.

Learning Bites

Delivered every two weeks, these emails provide participants with additional knowledge and tools to maintain the momentum gained from the webinars. Learning Bites can include:

  • Additional tips and tools for transferring learning from the webinar to the workplace.

  • Short, customized videos of Nicole Bendaly sharing additional best practices and anecdotes to spark creativity and motivation.

  • Success stories of workshop participants as they begin to see positive change through the learning and application process.

Pre and Post Assessment

Each leader will complete a needs assessment that will help us to ensure the program meets their specific needs.  Upon completion of the program each leader will complete a post-assessment to help measure the impact of the program.

A Dedicated Website

Your leaders will gain access to a private website dedicated to their learning experience.  The website will include easy access to all of the tools shared throughout the program along with access to the recorded webinars.

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