Leading On Purpose

The Leading on Purpose Process

Most leaders push themselves to improve results, but do not recognize that they need to revise their strategies and processes and approach leadership differently. Through our leadership development process, your leaders will learn to turn off the automatic pilot setting they have become accustomed to, and instead, intentionally apply the leadership practices that have been proven to make the biggest difference. We’ll help your leaders develop new skills, practices, and behaviors that will allow them to lead their teams and achieve better results, faster and with far less struggle.

Leadership Assessment

Leading On Purpose Workshops

One on One Coaching

Maintaining Momentum

Leadership is a quality that can be taught, improved upon, and encouraged amongst your team every single day. We help your leaders focus on the little things that make the biggest difference to their overall effectiveness. It’s about turning off auto-pilot and choosing the best practices available so that leaders can achieve better results, faster, and with less struggle.

A customized development process created for your leaders.

The Leadership Assessment

To start, your leaders will complete K&Co.’s leadership assessment, which helps to identify their strengths and opportunities for improvement, all while taking into account the behaviors and practices most critical to leadership effectiveness and an organization’s overall culture and performance.

The Assessment Phase also includes a goal setting and strategic planning meeting(s) with key stakeholders that set clear and measurable performance improvement goals. Our team may choose to conduct interviews to gain greater insight into your organization’s culture, team dynamics, and needs of your leaders.

The Leading on Purpose Workshop(s)

Once we receive and review the results of the leadership assessment, we will provide you with great insight into your leaders’ core strengths and the key issues affecting their ability to consistently perform at their very best!

Our program includes a number of leadership development workshops delivered over the course of 6 to 12 months. Every workshop is customized to your leaders’ and organization’s specific needs, so you can have full confidence in the strategies our team of coaches put in place. We will:

  • Address the challenges your leaders face every day.
  • Ensure leaders understand the factors essential to high performance leadership within your organization.
  • Provide leaders with individual, dedicated attention, feedback and coaching.
  • Provide leaders with the means to turn learning into action and achieve measurable improvement in their leadership effectiveness.
  • Support leaders in achieving their goals and provide a means for measuring progress towards goal attainment.
  • Create buy-in and engagement from leaders over the long-term.
  • Create greater commitment and accountability for organizational success.
  • Achieve measurable results and sustained change.

One-on-One Coaching Sessions

One-on-one virtual coaching sessions will allow your leaders to access additional support and guidance they may need. Empower your team  and motivate them as you apply key strategies to address and resolve challenges, and strengthen their effectiveness as leaders.

Maintaining Momentum

Two months after the program has come to an end, our team will conduct the leadership assessment again! Leaders can come together in a follow-up session with their Leadership Coach and receive assessment results, evaluate their progress, and determine their next development steps for continued success. Our team is also happy to provide ongoing one-on-one coaching to allow you to gain knowledge and support from your Leadership Coach as you need it!

Lead with purpose

Provide your team with the resources and strategies they need!

Together, we can help your team of leaders develop their skills and learn how to lead with purpose!