Each of the following programs is based on over 30 years of experience
helping leaders to achieve extraordinary results, with ease.

Game-Changing Practices of Extraordinary Teams

This one-day workshop will leave your team with the tools and know-how to take their team from where they are to where they need to be so that they can achieve extraordinary results, even when the going gets tough,

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Leadership in Action

A 4-month blended-learning program customized to address the most pressing needs of your leaders in a manner that is incorporated into their daily work routine and ensures learning turns into action.

  • 6 live and interactive webinars
  • 4 one-one-one coaching sessions
  • Personalized leadership development goal setting and action planning
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Private website to access all learning materials and videos
  • Bi-weekly Learning Bites emails

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Power-Up Your Leaders

This in-person and customized leadership development process ensures your leaders develop the awareness, attitude and behaviors needed to tap into the very best of others, to lead organizational growth, and to perform at an even higher level.

  • Leadership assessment
  • Leadership Excellence Workshops (in-person)
  • One-on-one coaching sessions
  • Live and interactive webinars and group coaching to maintain momentum
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Leadership Excellence Workshops

Highly interactive and customized sessions designed to ensure your leaders demonstrate the behaviors and practices most essential to your organization’s results.

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