Is your team fanatically focused?


I have a question for you, what does success look like for your team? i.e., what exactly is your team working towards?

Did the answer to this question come quickly to you? Or are you still trying to figure it out? If you are having difficulty articulating this, you can bet your team members can’t articulate it either. Which means…. your team members are likely pulling in different directions and wasting time and energy on tasks that won’t lead them to the team’s ultimate goal.

High performance teams are FANATICALLY FOCUSED on where they are going at all times and know without a doubt the practices, priorities, and values that are most critical to achieving that goal.

I have another question for you, what are your team’s top 3 priorities? And by priorities, I mean the top 3 things that must take priority in order for your team to achieve its goal(s). Again, if you can’t articulate the team’s key priorities your team members likely can’t either.

An important step in achieving better results (faster and with less struggle), is ensuring your team members are fanatically focused on where they are going and how they are going to get there. Ensuring alignment, understanding and commitment to these two things will create not only greater efficiency and better communication, it will result in a more engaged and accountable team.

Take action: Dedicate time at an upcoming team meeting to discussing what success actually looks like for your team and identify the key practices that must take priority in order to get there.

Use this exercise: Here’s an exercise you can use on your own or with your team to get Fanatically Focused.

Watch this video: Watch this short video to learn more about getting Fanatically Focused.

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