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On Track - Taking Meetings from Good to Great

On Track provides you with dozens of proven tips and techniques that will ensure your meetings pay off in results.

This book covers it all – from explaining the basics of meeting design, preparation and facilitation to showing you how to overcome the most common but tough challenges of facilitating a meeting including:

  • Getting full participation and creating group energy.
  • Sparking creative thinking and opening minds to others’ ideas.
  • Managing conflict and dealing with difficult behaviors.
  • Dealing with senior people in your meetings.
  • Making decisions and bringing a group to consensus.
  • Leading a meeting while participating as a team member.
  • Getting members to share responsibility for the meeting’s success
  • AND everything in between.

Leadership On the Run: How to Get Better Results Faster

Today’s leaders are driven by two realities. They must continuously improve their teams’ performance, and they must do this in an environment of hyper change. Often while making the big things happen, leaders and managers overlook the little things that ultimately have the greatest impact on their success.

In Leadership on the Run, bestselling author and co-creator of The Healthcare Team Fitness Tool, Leslie Bendaly identifies the little things that often add up to success and consolidates them in six critical leadership activities. Within these six activities lie the dozens of tasks that, when consistently done well, distinguish great leaders.

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Improving Healthcare Team Performance: The 7 Requirements for Excellence in Patient Care

Improving Healthcare Team Performance is a practical handbook that provides the knowledge, tools, and techniques required to develop a team-based culture within a healthcare environment that will result in exceptional patient care. Importantly, the book emphasizes that effective teamwork goes far beyond team dynamics and provides practical and easy-to-use tools for teams and leaders to ensure each teams are consistently practicing each of  The 7 Elements of a High Performance Healthcare Team.